6G Lyrics In English – Booba

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6G Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

6G Lyrics In English

6G Lyrics In English – Booba

Beware of the one who wants the bone
Even your brothers, ask Pogba
Under mushroom like Mario Bros
Fuck the princess, I’m not saving her (I’m not saving her)
I talk to you about dictatorship, you talk to me about a five-year term
If I say that the sea is rough, it’s at least Katrina
The sine qua non condition, pirate flag like in Tampa
In their brains, there is cat litter, so it doesn’t smell
No one has died, 6G, new album, there are worse attacks
I’m from the old world, she doesn’t take Ethereum, my stripper from Atlanta
If I think too much, you lock me up, brother, my brains are taken by storm
The barrel is long, cylindered like a Pablo Picasso tower
What are you waiting for? Fuck his mother, it’s okay, go ahead, you have the ego
Tell Beijing that we have big problems, that we come without Hidalgo
It’s not bohemianism that inspires me, kid, it’s the late Arthur Rimbaud
I admire the end, fleur de lys, full of enzin, firecracker under the Murano
They advise you what we advise them against, life, don’t turn your back on it
I only have one team, always the same, we are Rivaldo’s Brazil

I don’t want to die without a fight, to bend over backwards
Call me on the app, we’ll talk in Japanese
Look at all these Zouaves, they’re going to end up in G.A.V (End up in G.A.V)
We’re going to dig holes to plug the gap (To plug the gap)
It’s not you who decides
The winds rise, will make you change course (Change course)

Life is a bitch (Bitch)
Like Maeva Ghennam, she must change her pussy (She must change her pussy)
They talk to me about crooks, they talk to me about Blat’ (Blat’)

Eyes raised to the sky (To the sky), I’m just waiting for the date

As I’m neither a mutt nor a sheep (nor a mutt), I don’t know how to give a paw
It’s only between rats that the map is turned around

We all sink in the end, it doesn’t matter, our soul will have remained intact

Human sacrifice, I’m waiting for the eclipse (I’m waiting for the eclipse), the sun is very angry
My best profile is in Egypt (Egypt), on triangular buildings
Tyrants of tomorrow, tyrants of yesterday, they want everything, the whole earth
It details to leave the cattle, metal tears leave my iris
Flames of sheitan emerge from the black Urus, its honor depends only on a PayPal
The kichta in the colors of Kobe’s jersey, from the slum, to the Audi in the lobby
Don’t have the misfortune of passing him the ring
If she asks the price of the ring
I have my harem, my hookah, my tea, I have some lamb (I have some lamb)

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