AMBKOR – A tiempo Lyrics in English

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AMBKOR – A tiempo Lyrics in English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

A tiempo Lyrics in English
A tiempo Lyrics in English

AMBKOR – A tiempo Lyrics in English

I stained my boots crossing the river,
Guess staying on the bank just wasn’t for me (Ah)
Always heart-forward and facing the cold (Ay)
If the chest is warm, it means the patient is still there, bro
I lost my way, but never my goal (Ah)
Experiences for the soul and warm bread for my people (Ah)
The one who enjoys the little things is not poorer
Tell me how much you need, I’ll know if I need you (Ah)

Life ends, it’s not infinite (Ah)
And the love from the departed was my favorite inheritance (Yeah)
Imagine a father’s legacy is just his money (Ah)
And no matter how much you spend, it never left you an “I love you”
So, does it matter to you? I’ll put in a but (Yes)
Money buys everything, but it doesn’t cure fears (No)
One day a wise man said it was said (Eh)
That there are prisoners who die loving their jailer
I am free, at least as much as I can be (Ah)
I fly with my wings, I enjoy your flight (Eh)
I won’t step on you if you don’t step on me, mate (Okay)
Because to fly alone, why would I want so much sky, and
Get on the wagon, travelers
Because the train you miss today, tomorrow may torment you (Ah)
Nothing is important (Ah) until you see it in front of you (Ah)
And you regret not having seen it before (Ah)
I’m one of those who think it’s never too late
But in love, sometimes it is too late
We take for granted that the flame is controllable
But tears extinguish everything that burns
Time runs and you have to wake up, and
If you’re always on the phone, why don’t you talk to your mother?
He who talks to everyone, talks to no one
Better three real ones than a Judas pretending to love you

I found security in someone’s arms (Ah)
Then they left and I was left shouting into the air (Into the air)
Don’t wait for it to happen and realize (Realize)
That your actions count much more than your words
It’s the old reliable
Never there, but shows up for you to lend a hand
It’s the old reliable (Reliable)
Then if something goes wrong, they’ll look at you as the guilty one
People are incredible, a damn merry-go-round (Ah)
They lift you up and drop you randomly
Then the attraction ends, end of the story
As if by ending it doesn’t stay in your memory

Here peace and then glory, I’m sorry (Yes)
I need a DeLorean or a timely rum (On time)
One of those revolving doors at the airport (Ah)
Where you spin around until you turn this suffering around
And again crying at the end of the show (Yes)
The profession goes inside, like the pain
They don’t have lyrics, but they have a lot of flow
To hell with them if they want me to do it
I’m tired of the empty and superficial (Yaoh)
That your song is just artificial intelligence (Yes)
That there’s nothing original anymore, go suck it
You should be ashamed of the crap you spit out (Ouh)
To live is not just to exist, it’s knowing you exist (Yes)
And from there, do things that identify you
It’s not about being heard, it’s that the world has gone downhill
And instead of going out to walk, they see landscapes through Twitter threads
Damn world of influencers and bitter people
When they suffer, they’re only thinking about data
If they don’t share what’s happening, it hasn’t happened
And if they get few likes, it’s the wrong content
I want more afternoons on the park bench (Yeah)
I want to kiss you, waste time, but in your arms
I want a real life, fewer slaves
While the future waits on the side as I eat you out
I want to fuck the present into your past (Ah)
Let fears come and get scared looking at us
We’re alive and we suffer, it’s clear
But also, life is short and we have to make the most of it
Can you really see my eyes when you look into them?
You know that feeling when they demand, when they insist?
That sensation that they don’t notice the good things?
Well, the kid got tired of waiting to be chosen
Don’t correct me, life does enough of that (Oh)
You wanted to talk, but never to listen to me (Ah)
And now you hear me unwillingly everywhere
Tell your karma that for you, I was just a discard

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, yeah
El Lobo Negro
We did it again
My little brother Yulian
And you didn’t

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