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CONDENADO AL ÉXITO II Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.



I, Blessed
Blessings on, blessings on
Blessings on me
For you and all yours, boss, you know what it’s like, dad
Which tiger? Pff, the Lion of Judah
Find out on Google what the Lion of Judah is (That one with the little eye, do you know?)
You know, Blessd, partner, it is, do you know?

It’s three in the morning and only God listens to me
I get confused in my destiny and the doubt is a lot
My concern is a sea and I am a simple trout
My staff is Jesus in this hard fight
I feel trapped like in rush hour bus
The darkness of my life is clarified by your light
He tells me: “Calm down, together we carry your cross”
That’s why in my arm is a virgin and next to her is Jesus.
The conversation is moving forward and I just want to ask
Why so much delay, sir? I want to hit myself
He doesn’t answer me, but it makes me think
That good things take time, they establish them, they make you wait
I tell him: “God, so many things I would like
“My mother, my brother and food in the refrigerator”
He tells me: “Work, harvest and wait
“You can’t debut without first going through the quarry.”
I kneel and the fear is gone
Every time I talked to you, my wounds healed
The virgin protects me, for my grandmother, I loved her
Everything is achieved with time, and above all, with faith
Work today and your mind programs
Work hard, don’t leave it for tomorrow
If you are afraid, only God calls
But get up, nothing comes to you lying in bed

I still remember that mythical dream
The words’, something prophetic
I am doomed to success

Bad beginnings, with even worse endings
Dark void, like the memories of this sad trunk
My life doesn’t change, no matter how much I focus the lens
And the worst enemy is the bipolarity of my mind
I no longer make storms in a glass of water, but I make them in swimming pools
And I see that there are no superheroes, my mother is the only heroine
Sometimes I feel like the world is coming down on me
And I changed the toys for nicotine doses
I give advice without putting it into practice, who knew?
By consuming your sex, I suffer emotions that I didn’t even feel
I have doubts that no one would clarify for me
And I’m almost twenty and I don’t know what to do with my life.
When everything is going well, suddenly I hit a wall
My nights torment me, my past so dark
Life is not rosy, but I dye it
And I have good emotions, but I doubt it
I know I can achieve so many things, but I don’t dare
How to get them? If I want everything instantly but I don’t move

Sometimes I sit in the sky and I feel like I’m flying
But the ego betrays me and I fall to the ground again
An old man told me: “You are not what you see in the mirror, look beyond what your reflection feels.”
“Things taste better the older you are and look for a good woman, so that she will love you when you are old.”

The blessed one does know
The new milk, haha

Everything was given to us, who would have thought?
They served the rosaries, and my grandmother prayed
I remember that before I thought that it was not going to happen to me
And now with mine I can’t stop celebrating
Lots of cars, lots of jewels, lots of chimbas
But Stiven’s energy, the same
In pocket’ the tickets’, the smile and the charisma
And now every night is Merry Christmas
I fought for the dream so that everything happens
So that one day he will buy a Mercedes Benz
And get to the neighborhood where the partners are and tell them:
“If I could do it, so can you, my friends”
As the blessed one did
Now we eat shrimp, I’m tired of fried eggs
We were poor, but never poor
I don’t give a damn about you, because I don’t compete with anyone.

The Blessed
This is for you, you know who (Haha, you know)
Get motivated, my partner, everything can be done (Yes it can be done)
Haha, thank you my God, yes he knows (Thank you God)
So many things have happened to us, but nothing will happen
Let’s break this album, chimba (Hahaha!)
This is the intro, haha, listen to it, listen to it
This is who we are, what we represent, you know, haha
Peeled, camellers (The Prodigiez)
Pure Conspire (That’s all)
And nothing (Ily Wonder)
There are too many words, we should not speak
And if you are going to do it, do it with faith, haha
I try to be as Medellín as possible
In fact, yes– yes– if I’m not being Medellin I feel like I’m betraying myself.
Very important, represent where you are from
Well it has nothing to do with tribes or clans but, really
Don’t invent, well
We come from the land of tree tomatoes and soursop and guava juice, it seems
Manifest it, why not?

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