La Jumpa Lyrics English

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La Jumpa Lyrics English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

La Jumpa Lyrics English

La Jumpa Lyrics English

Arcángel, pa
Once a-

She doesn’t like reggaeton
But she loves the way la sensación sings (Yeah)
I didn’t mean to (Yeah, yeah)
To get all the attention
I live in a mansion and I don’t even know the address (Oh my God)
It’s fucking hard, it’s fucking hard
Daddy Arca, ask me for my blessing (Ah; aah!), prra
Fuck (Man), my house is a hotel and the view looks fuckin’ great (Beautiful)
I can land a plane in it, all I need is the runway (Wow)
Impossible that this combination fails (No), de flow a mixed salad (Aha)
Suck-up, don’t insist, when talking about greatness you’re not on the list
No, neverland
I take them apart like Legoland (Yap, yah)
And if I point you out to my people, they’ll give it to you (Pa-pa-pa)
And you’re going inside, but in the van
From the neck up it’s freezing cold (Oops)
I arrive and snow falls in the hood (Yessir)
Leaving these motherfuckers without a gift
Santa Claus with the essence of the Grinch in him (Rrra)

And I saw her, she’s with two, her friend looked at me
She came to the VIP, of course, of course she came in
Hello, my name is Arcángel, my pleasure, my pleasure
Today you’re going with a legend that’s not going to be born again, no (Hey)
And I already saw her, she’s with two, her friend looked at me
She came to the VIP, of course, of course she came in
Hello, haha, my name is Bad Bunny, a pleasure, a pleasure
Take advantage of me today, I’ll never see you again (Ayy, ayy)

Your baby wants me to break her (Horny), heh
Luka, stepback, the jumper (Ayy)
You’re crazy to sell your soul, but the devil won’t buy it (Haha)
I don’t have competition (Nah), ask your people (No!)
Everybody already knows, that’s why Bad Bunny doesn’t even flex (Amen)
Grandpa’s listenin’ to me, and his little grandson’s listenin’ (Prr)
Shooters and students, doctors and gangsters
Natural and with implants, adults and infants (Prr)
In Barcelona and Alicante (Ayy, ayy), in Santurce and Almirante (Ayy, ayy, ayy!)
Crossing the street with the Beatles
Damian Lillard and another buzzer beater (Prr)
Whoever wants to, let him try me
Another thing is for me give it attention, nah-nah-nah-nah, ha
I ignore, I ignore, ayy
And this is another game I’m going no hitter (Huh!)
I come from PR, land of Clemente, I’m not fucking scared of Jeter (A dickrider), ayy
The haters don’t come out, I never see them on the street, I think they live on Twitter, ha, ayy, hey, okey
I’m busy making money
So I don’t have time to take care of my kids
None of them get paid more than what the babysitter gets, hehe
Daddy, come on now, I want to fuck
Okay, okay, give me a second, mami, ha (Ayy)
I’ll spit in your mouth, I’ll pull your hair
I’ll give you with my dick and with the lelo
In the private jet, a fuck in the sky
Today I want a whore, a model, ayy (Ay, ay)
Ah, mami, use me for money, I don’t mind, heh
That later I’m gonna break you with the nectar (Ay-ay)
[Chorus: Bad Bunny & Arcángel]
And I already hit the two, the friend repeated
Wow, what a nice blowjob, in the other one’s mouth she squirted it
Hello, haha, my name is Benito, a pleasure, a pleasure
Today you fucked a legend that won’t be born again
And I saw her, she’s with two, the friend looked at me
She came to the VIP, of course, of course she came in
Hi, my name’s Austin, a pleasure, a pleasure
You’re listening to a legend that’s not going to be born again, no

Ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem
Yeah (Woo-woo)
Oh (Testing)
Señor Santos and Señor Martinez once again (Woo!; yessir)
El Fenómeno (Auh!)
Arcángel, pa, heh (Yessir)
Ayy, Bad Bunny, baby (EHXX The Professor)
Bad Bunny, baby (It’s Flow Factory)
Bad Bunny, baby
Bad Bunny, baby (Ayy)
Bad Bunny, baby, ayy
Bad Bunny, baby, ayy
Bad Bunny, baby, ba-ba-ba, bi-di-bam-bam-bam-bam-boom-boom-boom


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