LA ÚLTIMA Lyrics In English – Quevedo

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LA ÚLTIMA Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

LA ÚLTIMA Lyrics In English

LA ÚLTIMA Lyrics In English – Quevedo

A pintadera protects me from all evil’
At eighteen I put it on and never took it off.
God had plans for me, he knew it would be great
I always feel him close, even if I never talk to him
When I started at LPGC it was impossible for music to feed you
I think as I enter a Michelin star
The money changed me, but
Sometimes I can’t stop crying when I remember all the nights I cried
And remembering why I cried
And I wrote and recorded, every night I stayed up late
Everything was so pure that where I wanted to be was where I was.
when I had nothing
(Good night, good night, good night)
When leisure and business were two separate words
I am no longer able to go back
And I have so much money I don’t even know why I want it
Spend everything I want, see myself back to zero
The first checks, the first zeros, the first leather’
Of my generation I was the first
I don’t even sleep anymore, if I’m not on the island, I’m in Miami making zeros
And when not, it’s making a cruise album
I need to lose everything to return to point zero
And remember what it cost to get out of the hole
Goosebumps while recording “Piel de Cordero”
I need to fall in love with all this shit again
And without necessity I cannot, if it is not by necessity, I do not move
I need to go to Los Brezos and see my clothes on the floor
See me playing at being a rapper and reggaeton player
Liters of ashtray, the light cut off and the worker’s helmet
Now I expect everything that happens
And I am the same with thirty million as with zero
And it doesn’t surprise me, that’s why they chap me
Because I don’t care that they see me vulnerable
I don’t care at all what the rest say
The more ruin I have and the more unstable I feel
The more I feel untouchable, I was born blessed
I want to stay at zero, because with zero I am still the chosen one
I feel fleeting, on the island I am the protected one
God guides me every time I am lost
And Gonza, I love you, but I don’t even want the Grammy
I sing because it hurts me, not so they can give me a prize
Fame and all that shit, that’s a temporary thing
This is LPGC, from La Isleta to El Calero
Going around in the two doors, the hollow soul
With the LV that have not come out, they look like feka
Just arrived from Mex, compa, the net
I no longer have goals, I’m going to sell my lyrics
I filled all the arenas, I bought ten chains
But neither the soldouts nor the VVS in white gold complete me
Neither the red carpets, nor the tuxedos
They are not able to look at me discreetly
Don’t you see that on the left side I have a crack
Everyone is seeing that it hurts, but they still squeeze me
Almost no one loves me, they want my notebook
Almost no one loves me, they want my card

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LA ÚLTIMA – Quevedo Oficial Music Video

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