MY LIFE Lyrics In English – Rondodasosa

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MY LIFE Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

MY LIFE Lyrics In English

MY LIFE Lyrics In English – Rondodasosa

Ha-ha, ha-ha
Yeah yeah
Ha-ha, ha-ha
Young rich life, young money life (Yeah, yeah), ah-ah
Ha-ha, ha-ha
Ah-ah, ah-ah, uh
SSG, nobody safe
Yeah, what?

We are all brothers, but we make war on each other (What?)
Young people on the street risk death and prison (Eh)

Misunderstood by the system, unable to make a choice (What?)
Nobody understands you, everyone judges quickly (Quickly)
I know how you feel (Ah), I know you’re hurt
I know you look out and think this world is shit (It’s shit)
They tease each other, they don’t help each other
They try to eliminate themselves, not give themselves what they deserve
How can I trust if everyone has betrayed me? (Yeah)

My friend cheated on me and this woman cheated on me (Ah-ah)
I understood deep down that they were the worst enemy
I wrote my chapter from a real book (Brr)
Desperate brothers, unemployed, alone at home with their mothers
They were looking for an escape route and ended up under house arrest
Fallen into the trap of the Matrix (Ah)
He spares no one, no one can save himself (Nobody)
We are young men with high expectations (Yeah)
Stories without a happy ending (Nah)
I want to move forward, I don’t want to regress
This company that just wants to see you fail (Just wants to see you fail), yeah

I place my soul in Allah, only He can save me
All these people have done nothing but hurt me
I have real feelings, how can you not understand me? (How can you not understand me? Yeah)
I’m a pure heart in an industry made by the devil (Fuck the industry)

I’m not a puppet and I’m not here to entertain you, let’s be clear

My desperate mom asks me: “Come home” (What?)
She doesn’t want the beefs to kill her son in the street (Mhm-mhm)
We ain’t in America, but we live in Italy (Italy)
A gun under the pillow and I don’t even feel safe at home (Seh)
My country is collapsing now, no one gives a fuck (What?)
Everyone is divided, everyone is looking at their own plate
I was on the last bench, now I’m the boycotted one (Ahah)
Young people listen to rappers, they don’t trust the state (No)
I feel like a boss (Brr) because I never lowered my head (Uh)
I never sold myself to the boss (Never, never)
I’ve never spoken inside a fucking police station (Yeah)
And everything I’ve said I’ve always done, on ma mama

To me they were brothers, but to them I was a banknote
How can you touch the stars if you just want to eat from them?
CEO of myself, boss of myself
Young rich life

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