Pooh Shiesty – Federal Contraband 2 Lyrics

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Pooh Shiesty – Federal Contraband 2 Lyrics have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

Federal Contraband 2 Lyrics

Pooh Shiesty – Federal Contraband 2 Lyrics

Yeah, man, you know I do too motherfuckin’ much, I’m Mr. Go Too Far
They might try to come and supersede me after all this shit I’m talkin’, you know I’m federal property now
And this that “Federal Contraband” music, man, part three on the way ASAP
Free the whole Choppa Gang, free CMO
Certified Members Only, Choppa My [?], Murder Came Opportunity, just however you wanna put it
I recorded this jawn right here on Big Scarr birthday
Tee P and Paul Nasty birthday a week after, I’ma try to drop it same day
Long live them members, man, we don’t say rest in peace
They live through me, Lump, Rico, 23, Trey Day, Nuski
I done lost real day ones playin’ in these yellow lines, you hear me?
I’m the biggest, ain’t no CEO or OG over me, nigga, I’m CEO status
King Shiesty slimin’ a dude (Once again, I’m locked in with TP, we finna make a hit)

Losin’ relations with my family, it’s been six months since I called
It’s part of what I signed up for, I’m mentally built for it all
Physically, I’m standin’ tall, with talk, don’t let ’em see you sweat
Shit goin’ all bad, but I’m patient, know somethin’ good gotta come next
Old [?] just got killed, his killer gone to eighty-eight
Went from Audemar to G-Shock, these jails don’t have Rolex
Be cautious who you buy a phone from, they might work with SIS
Had me stuck in the SHU, four months straight with one hour of rec
My transfer still ’round, Grant Parish ain’t designated me yet
Givin’ gang raw uncut for free, pay me by takin’ heat
I experienced what I be rappin’, shit, ain’t no mirrors in me
This one for real ones doin’ bids, right now, I’m speakin’ federal-nese (Blrrd)
He not for a check-in, a snitch, a pussy that’s on PC (No)
He be told before he hot, soon he get to a new yard, he send his own zip-up top
Your paperwork clean, you work in the yard
A rat nigga cannot (No), if he a chomo, he cannot (No)
Don’t get into politics, move like a king, I’m too laid back
Some niggas paperwork be good, but they still be jailhouse rats
They do shit like send the police in your cell to find a pack
After they cooperate, [lieutenant?] give you all your flat
Still havin’ federal nightmares, different how reality, no yapper on me
I don’t need no nigga to vouch for me
Already locked up, the FBI still after me, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd

See y’all payin’ homage to Hov, I could never diss JAY-Z
Y’all know me better than that, I got real street beefs to ‘tend to
You know, Baby Graveyard behind my name and shit
I mention his name ’cause I don’t see none of these other pussy-ass rappers
A jig of my motivation, that’s the only nigga I see

I got a million from [Young Cass?] to do a verse first day I’m free
I’m King Shiesty, but in the field, I get treated like I’m JAY-Z (Blrrd)
You ain’t choppin’, you ain’t poppin’, you want some motion, join CG (Grrt)
I put a silencer on my glee, my gun don’t get seen as low-key (Blrrd)
I was finessin’, tryna work the police, that soft press shit don’t work on me
If I was sittin’ in the nosebleeds, niggas still couldn’t play underneath ([Go back?])
My Ma Dukes showed me how to trap it, but my pops who fronted me
I see the broke-ass niggas ridin’ in ‘Cats, nowadays, it’s ’cause of me
They need a hero to free me, Ferrari maker SUV
No more Trackhawks, fuck a Jeep
Bulletproof Maserati kit, make her squirt on Cullinan sheets
Your bitch in love with CG
I caught her cleanin’ my Draco, she a pain freak
Shave when I go deep, [?], ho, I’m with that, I can’t tell her no
Real freak, see, I’m the thing for Scorpios
Lamb’ truck a Oreo, park the car, open the door
Get some [?] from [?] (Blrrd)
Run with wolves, then run with wolves, get sixty ‘bows from in the store (Blrrd, blrrd, blrrd)
Fuck with rappers from my city, but I’m the leader and they know it
We both famous and they know it
I’m way more dangerous and they know it
I killed some gangster and they, alright, let’s switch it up
A whole court up in the street ‘fore they put me back in for blow
I’m your favorite rapper, favorite chapter, they wanna be us
I shared examples, if the next one don’t pay homage, he gettin’ touched
If **** be late on payin’ they dues this month, I’m gettin’ ’em touched
If gangsters can’t get into heaven, tell Meech I said, “What’s up?”
They shot my first love in the sky, left her layin’ in cold blood
Can’t get no concrete evidence, hit everybody I think it was
Shit get killed like Scary Movie when I’m the one holdin’ the grudge
**** got flipped, tried to spray it, tried to headshot with the judge, ah (Ah)
Dead dummy, what the fuck he thought this was?

Ayy, look, keep that right there like that
Keep, like, they try to clean it up and shit, I’m finna come right back

If he shot at you with a shiesty mask on, I’m probably who sent him (Blrrd)
Louis Forces and Chrome Heart denim, Goyard backpack, bandaids in ’em
Fuck with Poison, solid nigga, he just got trapped off in the system
Caught a body, stabbed a nigga, three life sentences, still [fake friend ’em?]
[?] pose how I get busy
No more [?], the taps on ’em
My DM turned to [?], folded my clothes to make a pillow
[?] tried to blemish my image, always harassin’ a nigga
What don’t kill you make you bigger, I feel safer around here (Let’s go)
Shiesty, I’m somethin’ like a wizard, I turn boosters into killers
I turn all my opps to pictures, turn my Cartiers to Richards
Turn bad bitches into members, all my VS1s to Ms
A Hellcat to German engine, I’m trained, do you hear the difference? (Blrrd)
Have you ever robbed a dealer? You ain’t never killed no killer
F&N keep me fuck nigga free, I call this bitch “GloRilla”
Nine million cash in the vault, give it to London if they seal me
Could be throwin’ a mannequin challenge, bet this jewelry still gon’ glisten
Fucked around, scratched up the ‘Rari, rubbed my Cuban links on it
Nine-time platinum off one hit, but I be still tryna take hits
I’m with some shit from [?] Serena Williams dick
Off this nine, yeah, whole clip in, but this four-four I gotta get (Blrrd, blrrd)
Head huntin’, I could press red buttons, I’m Memphis president
Barbus Benz, I climb in through the back like it’s the ambulance
I’m rich as I ever been, I’m lit as I ever been, good pussy my medicine
I get paid in full before the contract, ain’t no more backends, yeah, yeah
Yeah, three golden rulers, shout out to [?], five Cubans, five pendants
My feet bleedin’, I’m standin’ on business
Had to clean up Rico brains when he had died up on that mission
Used to look at Tini like a sister ’til she said I did it (Yeah)
Must’ve forgot I was sittin’ in that waitin’ room all night with her mama
We don’t talk reckless up on the jail phone, we use the corner
They locked me up for five winters, gotta shine to beat the summer
On bad times with Scarr before he died, couldn’t even say I love him
I found out through the C.O., he let me out, said, “Call your mama”
Baby Shiesty think I be bitchin’, I holla at him ’cause I love him
If I sit back and watch drugs kill you, I fail as a brother
Sobered up, I don’t think they ready for the new me, they in trouble
Prada, K Carbon, she makin’ CG look good while I struggle
In a warehouse full of lollipops, I’m allergic to suckers
Glizzy got a speech impediment, he don’t do nothin’ but stutter
Only sport I ain’t good at is bowlin’, I stay in the gutter

Not a pimp, but I’m somethin’ like one, quick to send a renegade
All this shit I talk, I can’t go like Lil Migo, ain’t no way
But I might go out like 23, or like Nuski and Trey Day
My nigga ain’t wanna get in the car with me, I was ridin’ ’round with a grenade
I ain’t no Blood, I ain’t no Crip, I ain’t no Muslim, kill them rumor
Try that shit on one of these other cappin’ rappers, I’m a shooter
I don’t join gangs, I make ’em, go read about me on Google
I say, I say, it’s known I’m young, rich, and deadly
I say swing and they say step
Keep KD on thirty-seven, feel like I’m censored off a belly
Somebody tell Bill get ready, I heard Hennessy a [?]
Thinkin’ out loud, I can’t help it
What happened to all they weapons?
I caught **** when he was naked
When I caught ****, he was naked
Hahaha, ayy
I ain’t ev—
This call is from a federal prison


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