Quién Es Iván Lyrics In English – Luis R Conriquez

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Quién Es Iván Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

Quién Es Iván Lyrics In English – Luis R Conriquez

You already know my name, my name is Ivan
And I am the son of Chapito, El Chapito Guzmán
There is no money, there is no power or material thing
May it be worth more than the lives of my dad and my mom

They all say that my weight must weigh
I do not want to be important and I am going to clarify
I know my destiny and what can happen
After all, everyone already knows who Iván is

Excuse me for what I’m going to mention.
I know very well who is who and without offending
My dad gave me the trust and look where he is.
That’s why I don’t even have to trust my shadow

And this is how Máximo Grado sounds, pure warlike corridos, old man
There we come well pulled, my friend Luis R Conriquez
Quiet there

Far from public life I have to be
I have to play my cards perfectly
The Chimales, the Nini, also the Gavilán
They know very well that they have to be embarrassed

What does it feel like to be the son of Chapo Guzmán?
I feel honored, happy, proud
My brother Ovidio and Alfredo until death are
Those who take care of my life, the same back

And you already know my name, my name is Iván
And I am the son of Chapo, El Chapito Guzmán
There are two mafias, the legitimate one and the illegal one.
And if I don’t trust something, it’s a cell phone.

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