Right Here Lyrics – Lil Poppa

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Right Here Song is a English Rap song .This is very lovely song. Artist of this song is Lil Poppa, Producer of this song is Decastro & Vxsma, Writter of this song is Lil Poppa, Decastro & Vxsma. This song has been released on November 17, 2023 on Lil Poppa YouTubechannel . Through this article Right Here Lyrics – Lil Poppa shown in a very best way.

Right Here Lyrics - Lil Poppa

Right Here Song Credits

Song Right Here
Artist Lil Poppa
Producer Decastro & Vxsma
Writter Lil Poppa, Decastro & Vxsma
Album Lil Poppa
Release Date November 17, 2023

Right Here Lyrics – Lil Poppa

Ayy, ayy, I ain’t even gon’ lie (Wild Child)
Think the reason I fuck with John Wick so much ’cause— (Vxsma, yeah)
Haha, ’cause he was really chillin’, you know he was really minding his business (Just like me)
‘Til-’til niggas came fucking with him and killed his dog and stole his car (Yeah, let’s go)
So it’s like at the end of the day, you know? He really had a reason for—
For fucking all them niggas over (Haha, just like me)

Tell me how you wanna change it (Ayy, how wanna change it?)
I got a mind full of evil thoughts, so how the fuck a nigga gon’ tame me? (Gon’ tame me)
You can’t even blame him, why his heart full of anger (His heart full of anger)
Can’t send the addy to no stranger, that shit put us up in danger Life of a gangster
Try to tell my mama, she don’t get it (Yeah, she don’t get it)
And that’s the same shit I try to tell my sister, they don’t hear it (They don’t hear it)
Like, I done seen death so many times to the point that I don’t fear it (That I don’t fear it)
But it’s like now I got a kid and that’s the reason for me to live (The reason for my to live)

But as long as the pressure gon’ build, the smoke gon’ clear (The smoke gon’ clear)
I’ll be right here (Nigga, I’ll be right here) just going through every pain that I feel (That I feel)
I’m tryna hold back tears (Hold back tears) ’cause my son right here (Right here) and I got a wife here (I got a wife here)

Gotta let ’em know to toughen up, we built for this shit (We built for this shit)
Somebody better tell that ho that bitches get killed for that shit (Get killed for that shit)
Like eenie, meenie, miney mo, who dropped the lo’? That’s who I get (That’s who I get)
I don’t take these pills because I’m suicidal, bitches make me sick (Bitches make me sick)
Bitch, get off my dick (Get off my—)
Shit got hard, you praying to God that he fix it (That he fix it)
Even looking at the stars, got you wishing (Got you wishing)
Realizing it was probably better in the trenches (Better in the trenches)
Where there’s a young nigga down to do whatever for your position
Without the weed I be trippin’, add the lean a addition (The lean a addition)
My habits are expensive, my license are suspended (My license are suspended)
I can’t take another ticket, ain’t gotta live this way, I’m trippin’ (Yeah, I’m trippin’)
Stack it, was five K, I spent it, but I ain’t taking care of my business (Taking care of my business)
Been screaming, “Free of all my niggas”, but they got kids I ain’t visit (Got kids I ain’t visit)
Been stressin’, RIP to Desi and ain’t see his a minute (His in a minute)
A couple days ain’t talk to Chevy, I done ran out of minutes (I done ran out of minutes)
But none one of my brothers can’t say that I ain’t send ’em (Yeah, that’s right)
I got water thicker than my own blood and that shit fucking with me (It’s fucking with me)
P.O. keep fucking with Q3 (Okay) and that’s who druggin’ with me (And that’s who druggin’ with me)
They know don’t touch light at the door (Okay) ’cause that’s who clubbing with me (Yeah, that’s who clubbing with me)
I’m really alone on the road, I don’t need you thuggin’ with me (I don’t need you thuggin’ with me)
Can’t let this internet shit get me (No), I’m already knowing it’s undefeated (Knowing)
I’m usually good when it come to war, but on IG, I can’t beat it (I can’t beat it)
I can’t type, like, why tweet? (Why?)
And when I do, I delete it (I delete it)
Then find a way to get this message through (How?) so you can read it (So you can read it)
Them niggas Blueface
If they hit a nigga block, they gon’ bleed it, slide (They gon’ bleed it)
If they don’t catch somethin’, they ain’t leaving (They ain’t leaving)
My favorite cousin lost her mother, we doing a different type of grieving (Different type of grieving)
Spinz say if he make it through this storm again then it’s a reason (Then it’s a reason)

But as long as the pressure gon’ build, the smoke gon’ clear (The smoke gon’ clear)
I’ll be right here (Nigga, I’ll be right here) just going through every pain that I feel (Yeah)
I’m tryna hold back tears (Hold back tears)
‘Cause my son right here (Right here) and I got a wife here (I got a wife here)

Tell ’em everything gon’ be alright, alright (Alright, it’s gon’ be alright)
Tell ’em everything gon’ be alright (Yeah, yeah)
Told ’em everything gon’ be A-OK (It’s gon’ be A-OK)
Like Malcolm by the window, I got my AK (Nigga, I got my AK)
If there’s smoke up in the city, I get that up out the way (I get that up out the way)
Like, who really fucking with me? I ain’t even gotta pay (I ain’t even gotta pay)
Young nigga, don’t talk to me, yeah, they lyin’ that’s what they say (Nigga, you lyin’)
Think it’s safe crossing me, end up lyin’ in the grave (End up dying)


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Lil Poppa – Right Here Official Video


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