Sanchie P’s Maybach Lyrics – Sauce Walka

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Sanchie P’s Maybach is a English Rap song .This is very lovely song. Artist of this song is Benny The Butcher, J. Cole, Producer of this song is @stellgolding, Writter of this song is Sauce Walka. This song has been released on November 27, 2023 on SauceDatTV YouTubechannel. Through this article Sanchie P’s Maybach Lyrics – Sauce Walka shown in a very best way.

Sanchie P’s Maybach Lyrics


Sanchie P’s Maybach Song Credits

Song Johnny P’s Caddy
Artist Benny The Butcher, J. Cole
Producer @stellgolding
Writter Sauce Walka
Album Johnny P’s Caddy
Release Date November 27, 2023

Sanchie P’s Maybach Lyrics

I want to do a song with J. Cole too
Show em’ what that ghetto gospel like

I’m from the streets of no knowledge
Kids dying with books in they hand ain’t no college
Niggas sliming out they best friends they thought was solid
For less than a wallet
They feminizing our kings, rappers wearing nail polish
Just to make themselves rising
I thought you was a man
I thought you was a leader in this world against the klan
I guess you just another monkey with a switch in yo hand
Let me hand you a banana so you can kill yo best friend
Could’ve been your best man

Nigga look just like you
But because you rep another hood thе nigga wanna fight you
Could’ve made a team and wondеring when Pippen met Michael
But we hate our own brothers it’s a never ending cycle
We kill our own stars
We rather see a nigga catch a bus than own cars
It’s hard to love success when you struggle so hard
Imagine doing 40 years behind them cold bars
You completely innocent but just was at the wrong park

Guilty by yo skin
Couldn’t find a suspect all of a sudden you his twin
I only seen the pastors and the hustlers drive Benz
While everybody else high on hope tryna win
Not my bro nigga not my friend
I say church and I dive in
Momma on coke ain’t drinking no flow
It ain’t no soap in the whole kitchen
Daddy been broke and he was a no show
Why that little boy think that’s a grown man
Can’t even spell but he wanna spin
In the direction where my people in
Fuck to keep rapping about diamonds and Hen’
Fuck to keep rapping about murders and sin
Fuck to keep rapping about scammin’ again
Better hope nobody catch you my friend

Still remember everybody was against Donald Trump
Now Joe Biden up in office, notice the whole hood broke as fuck
He done fell off a bike, you done fell in a slump
The trap moving slow cause the money dried up
The bricks cheap as hell but the weed high as fuck
Nobody smoking work they want the ZA & big cups
Them blues be the move til that Fentanyl is touched
People die hard bus now them feds at your nuts
Them robbers get to starving it’s nothing but stick ups
He saw the Ring camera still shot him-what the fuck!
If God’ll let this happen then who can I trust?
Nobody but this pistol that’s the reason why it’s clutched
R.I.P to Mr. Hutch, the jeweler
I’m from the slums where pussy niggas rape high schoolers
Get the girl pregnant act like he never knew her
Finally go to jail and get less time than a shooter


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