TELEFONO NUEVO Lyrics in English 2023

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TELEFONO NUEVO Lyrics in English avilable here.Artist of this song is Bad Bunny, Luar La L. This song was uploaded on Bad Bunny YouTube channel on 13th October 2023, writer of this song Bad Bunny & Luar La L, Producer of this song MAG, La Paciencia, Argel Beatz & Smash David, this is a very lovely song, everyone likes it, it has come on the trending page on YouTube.


TELEFONO NUEVO Lyrics in English


Artist Bad Bunny, Luar La L
Release Date 13th Oct 2023
Producer MAG, La Paciencia, Argel Beatz & Smash David
Writer Bad Bunny & Luar La L



[Part I]

[Intro: Bad Bunny]
I look happy, but only in old photos
God hears me and says, “Wow, how does this fucker complain?”
So many achievements that sometimes they aren’t even celebrated
If I smoke I become paranoid, my mind never relaxes, heh (Ah-ah)
My body is free and my heart behind bars
People see a goat and I’m just another sheep
I’m just another sheep, hey (Ah, ah)

[Chorus: Bad Bunny]
So don’t bother me if I don’t bother you
I don’t answer calls or text messages
Fame, heh, I hate it
I swear, I didn’t want this
So don’t bothеr me if I don’t bother you
I don’t answer calls or tеxt messages
Only to God when I go to bed
And he told me that nobody’s perfect, heh

[Verse: Bad Bunny]
But that’s how it went
Bad Bunny is in another one, the bastard is gone
I’m gonna change my number, we’ll talk later

[Part II]

[Intro: Luar La L]
The number you have dialed has been changed
The new number
Tres Letra’
The new number
Look, who’s the one coming at me? (Who?)
Go on, go on, tell him to write down my number there
It’s, 787 I don’t give a fuck what you have to say, motherfucker (Hehe)
I’m the toughest (What?)

[Verse 1: Luar La L]
Like Kobe in the Square Garden (Ah)
I’ll put you in 61, amen, God bless you (Amen)
They got scratched, what happened? Now it burns? (Yes)
I was going to sign for five, but they were late (What?)
Now I want twenty, you know what, make it thirty (Mami)
This looks like a drug point, the sales don’t stop
This scam is worth a kilo of Fentanyl (Hehe)
If I’m going fast and you’re going slow (Prr!)
I get off with Custom, Benito with La Paciencia
Don’t test me, you fucker, I have no patience (No)
Giving you a gunshot doesn’t fuck with my conscience
The one of the new world that is still in trend (What?)
The Bunny is Messi, I’m the Mbappé (So you know)
We crowned, we are in an escape route
(Look, L, what do we do with all of these fuckers?)
Ha, Bad Bu told me to kill them
And I checkmated them (what?)
[Interlude: Luar La L]
Haha, these people can’t take those squeezes
Let’s get ready for the babes
It goes like this, Tres Letra’

[Verse 2: Luar La L]
I spit in your mouth, I pull your hair
I bury this dick in you and take you to heaven (Tell me, baby)
She’s from a magazine, she looks like a model
Put down the Moët, she doesn’t drink Modelo (Yes, yes)
In the private jet, El Señor de Los Cielos (The Lord of the Skies) (Bum)
Putting it in, shh, snow falls from the sky (white)
I’m horny, I’m not Pablo Coelho (No)
I always put it in, she’s a bitch, she’s in heat (Go)
Bring your friends down, we’re the stormtroopers (Ah)
Booty big, it won’t fit in the Mini Cooper (Damn), heh
You know my movie’s without bloopers (No)
We’ll run your girl, like we did to- (What?)
I dress fucking great, I’m an artist and stylist (What’s it like?)
To get married I prefer a Riley (Baby)
I like stars, those Hollywood stars (Ah-ah)
Yo, Bad Bu, give Kylie Cube’s new number, what? (Hehe)

[Chorus: Luar La L & Bad Bunny]
How much do you want? I’ll give them to you
I’ll pay you, I’ve got the hundreds (I’ve got the hundreds)
Go for it, use me, that’s good for you (Ah)
She’s fucked after she comes
Sends video when I’m not around (Acho)
Playing with the toy, screaming for me to come there
Okay, mami, I’ll do what you say (Hey, hey)
You let me know when I’m picking up the boy (Hey)
How much do you want? I’ll give them to you
I’ll pay you, I’ve got the hundreds (I’ve got the hundreds)
Go for it, use me, that’s good for you
She’s fucked after she comes
Sends video when I’m not around
Playing with the toy, screaming for me to come there (Come there)
She’s a devil, she wants me to burn myself
She’s crazy for me to make her a baby
[Interlude 2: Bad Bunny]
Play the track again, again
From the beginning again
Hit it, hit it, hit it
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, heh, yeah (Hey, hey, hey, hey)
Yeah (Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)
Hey, hey

[Verse 3: Bad Bunny]
They see me and walk backwards, like Michael Jackson’s thriller
Motherfucker, I’m killing it, ever since I released “Diles”
Manny Ramirez
I hit it out of the park and then I fuck her all over the fields
I put my dick in your girl’s mouth, ha, to test her fillers
If she gives me a good blowjob, I’ll pay her bills
If she sucks my ass, I’ll take her to the dealer
Hey, I’ll take her to the dealer
Mami, don’t get all worked up, I’m not Jay Wheeler
I’ll throw it in your face, concealer, heh
Then I change my number and they can’t reach me
Yes, I know, men are trash
In the whorehouse, go, Balcarce Street
Every Friday is my birthday bash, heh
Girl, take your feet off the dash
I already got the zipper down to show you Ash
I’ll stick it in right here in the parking lot of Cash, heh, heh, hey
Look at my feet, don’t you have these?
I’m a model now, the perfect look, hey
2024, who the fuck wears Psycho Bunny?
This ain’t The Simpsons, motherfucker, you ain’t Fat Tony, loser
You’re just puppets in quotation marks
You got a yacht to skiff on the shore, heh
And me on Tortola and the Antillas
Hey, the Bugatti has more flight time than miles
Everyone knows it’s me without reading the license plate
Fame’s my wife, the street’s my lover
Be careful, Ja Morant, don’t fuck up your knee, hey, heh, heh
When I was a little boy, mommy, she used to tell me, to leave the crews behind
Forgive me, mom, but I’m with Luar La L
And a couple of whores in the hotels, at the club throwing paper, heh
Coke for those who smell, a punch for anyone who sneaks in, hey
Rub it, I know it hurts you
You can’t make a hit song even with Lele’s notebook, no, ey
Hey, Father, shitting himself, buy the Pampers
Today I want a Taina that’s ready for a gangster
Mami, shake your ass, hey, till I get heart attack
And I’ll pay for your nails, the laser and the implants


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