Vision Lyrics In English – (G)I-DLE

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Vision Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

Vision Lyrics In English

Vision Lyrics In English – (G)I-DLE

My burning heart (heart)
All around like a flame (Flame, flame)
scattered without a trace
This empty place is my pure white drawing paper
deceiving you
Paint it the way you want
Even if everything is a mess

Yeah, a place as colorful as a dream (Yeah)
Change everything if I want (Uh)
My brain becomes clearer (Brain)
Everything seems new (Ah)
There’s no time to hesitate
There is nothing here
The more you close your eyes, the clearer it becomes?
The more you close your eyes, the clearer it becomes?

Follow where you lead
Don’t stop at this dreamy moment
It’s okay to ruin everything because it will disappear
Either now or never
Your fluttering heart, leave it all to me
Jump in even if you lose everything
It’s okay if you get hurt because it’s only for now
Follow your desire

I’m broken
Piece by piece, everywhere (Can you see now?)
What I made scattered (Hey, hey)
A shiny crystal rose you won’t believe even if you see it (Hm-hm)
Sometimes I doubt it
You know it’s already too late
It’s out of control now
Error, error, yeah

A soft touch that can’t be bad
Feel it slowly, no rush (No rush)
It quietly seeps from your fingertips
Like the first time
Come down, lay down
Just listen to my sound
move you naturally
Come closer now (Now, now, now)

Move as you are guided
Don’t stop when you feel good
It’s okay to ruin everything because you’ll regret it.
Either now or never
The impulse is getting stronger, don’t be scared
Don’t stop even if you lose everything
It’ll become dull, so it’s okay once in a while
Follow your desire

I brought you as I was guided
A sparkling new world
The moment I believe, my vision becomes blurry
Just like that, I disappear

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