Yo Sigo Firme Lyrics In English – Tempo

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Tempo – Yo Sigo Firme Lyrics In English have been shown very well in this article, which you can enjoy after reading. This is the lyrics of a very popular song, many people have shown love to this song.

Yo Sigo Firme Lyrics In English

Yo Sigo Firme Lyrics In English – Tempo

I Always Saw Myself Winning (Oh), That’s Why The Chains’
Slave ‘And Want To Look Good, Because We Don’t Take’ Other People’s Fight (Neverland)
And Always A Wilmer Wolf Hunting On The Full Moon
And Aware That The Lion Is Always Attacked By The Hyena’
They Were Me, I Had To Defend Myself And Cover Myself
I Wasn’t Going To Let Myself Lose, Real, I Couldn’t Give Up (Nah)
I Had To Die With The Timberlands On’
In The End, Those Who Played Against Me Lost Their Bets.
Look At Me, I Remain Firm
45 The Fifth, I Don’t Surrender To Anyone (To Anyone)
I Removed The Chip To Put It In Everyone’s Hands (Ch-Ch, Pa-Pa-Pa)
Like Flow Cartel Execution After A Little Pain, By Puerco (Puerco)
The Tongue Is The Whip Of The Body
You Wish Me Bad (Bad), And I Bless You, My Son (Amen)
I Programmed Myself To Win, I Can Pray For You If I Don’t Sell You The Crucifix
Look, Lizard, Your Thing Is To Crawl (Shh)
All This Rapper’s Frustrated Can Hug Each Other As A Group
I Am A Lyricist, Purist, Artist, MC, Protagonist (Yeah)
With A Lot Of Love And Respect, Push The List In Your Ass
I Am A Realist (No), Here This Is Silver Or Lead
And I Don’t Respect The Culture, No (Nah), I’m A Bodybuilder (Ah?)
Tempo, The Fifth Element, I Am The Don, The Titi
And The Whole World Saw The “Free Tempo” In The Graffiti
What More Do You Want From Me? (Ah) I Am The Rapper, First Capitalist
The One Who Told The Record Labels ‘That We Could Be An Artist’ (Yeah, Bah)
Keep The Titles, ‘Resentful’ Rapper, I Don’t Want You (Yeah)
I Want Money, Money, Money, Money
Don’t You See How Money Buys Dignity?
And You Don’t See How Rats Buy Consciousness With Money?
All Is Money, Be The Mother, The Principle Of All Men
And I Have Seen With My Eyes How I Twist You To The Loyal Ones
What No One Can Talk To Me About Loyalty, Stop The Bastard Obsession
Very Expensive Word For Cheap People And It Is Tested Under Pressure

Do You Understand, Bastard?
Villa, Stop The Rhythm
Leave The Rhythm

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Tempo – Yo Sigo Firme Official Song

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